Top 10 Work From Home Tips

Working from home can be fun & rewarding but it can also be challenging at times. Here are a few tips that will help you get the most out of your efforts.

1. Create a separate work space - it's important to create an area that is dedicated for work. Among other things, it will help put you in the right mind set whichail help you focus on making money. You can also schedule time to work at a coffee shop or another place that has Wi-Fi available so that you break up the week a little.

2. Declare your home space as home - Work is work and home is home. Try not to work anywhere in your home except the work space you've created. You will find yourselfbecoming easilydistractedand you won't get as much done as you could have with more focus.

3. Create a schedule & stick to it - determine in advance which days of the week and what hours you'rejoin to work. Post a schedule in your work space and in some common areas like the kitchen refrigerator. It's helpful to have someone else in your household or perhaps a friend help you stick to your schedule. You may consider some type of self-reward for keeping your schedule throughout the week.

4. No personal tasks during work time - it's very important to work during work hours. You're your own boss so the great thing is you set your own hours in most cases and you can arrange your work schedule around your personalobligations. Think of it as taking money out of your pocket every time you do something personal during work hours because that's literally what's happening.

5. Set daily goals - knowing what needs to be accomplished during the day and writing down these action items can help keep you on track. Take 10 minutes at thebeginning of every day to create a list of things that have to get done. You canalso add to the list things that need to be done if there is time left and continue to work on these tasks until the day is over.

6. Take breaks -studies show that taking breaks and eating regularly can increaseproductivity by 50% or more. Think of this as money. You could turn $1,000 per week into $1,500 just by taking regular breaks. You'llfind that taking breaks throughout the day (especially lunch) will re-energize you and help you stay focused.

7. Don't go back to work when you're done - when you're shift is over, it's over. Don't go back to work just because you have spare time This can burn you out and you may start not liking your stay at home job. There are of course some exceptions if you have critical deadlines that absolutely must be met, but as astandard practice, leave for the day and relax.

8. Be a professional - you should practice professionalism at all times. Pretend that you're working in an officeenvironment where there are co-workers and executives nearby. Acting like a professional willgel you perform better, feel better and make more money.

9. Get with people - working from home can be lonely. Schedule time with others in yourprofession to mix things up a bit. You can talk about work and challenges that you're having and they just might have asuggestion or two fro you. Set upconference call or video conferences to interact with others as much as possible. Try to reduce email when possible physically meet with associates or speak with them over the phone/video.

10. Get dressed - don't work in your pajamas. Get dressed for work and dress as if you're going into the office. It's easy to stay in your sweats or shorts and if you do, you'lllikely find yourself in front of the TV or in the garage working on a personal project. Getting dressed for work will help actually "go to work". And be sure to change from your work clothes when the day is over.

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